Introducing PocketSmith, the new way to manage your money the Money-Act way. I have been working on creating a new personal budgeting platform that works in a specific way. That is until I found PocketSmith that has nearly everything I wanted in a personal budgeting app. I have tried automating apps like Mint and I found it to constantly miss purchases or fall behind. I also didn’t want to provide them with my bank account information in case of a hack. I didn’t mind, providing the credit card info since you can dispute charges with a credit card, but a bank account getting hacked would be catastrophic. 

PocketSmith does both automated and manual uploads and more!

1. You can have multiple accounts in multiple countries and will budget with multiple currencies.

This is great in my situation as a US & Canadian citizen

2. There are reports to track your assets and liabilities to keep track of your net worth

3. You can plug in budgets that track weekly, monthly, or yearly… And categorize how you want.

4. You can track your cash flow and if you use some of my strategies that are coming in my master class… Track your growing residuals, they exceed your expenses. An automated financial freedom calculator!

…and more! It’s super flexible according to how you want to track. 

I reached out to them and explained my business and they are giving my network 2 months at 50% off if you use this link. You will also help support my blogs by using this link to purchase PocketSmith for yourself. It’s a win-win!

I’m also offering a FREE video on how Money-Act users can use it for those who purchased my “How to Budget Like a Hollywood Producer” course.

I will be replacing this software with the excel sheet in that program. So please email me if you purchased that program and I’ll send you a link to that free video.

A movie executive once taught me, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so I encourage all of you to check out PocketSmith to start managing your money with ease! I recommend the premium account unless you have more than 10 accounts to track, then go with the super account.

Again you can click on this link and get 50% off your first 2 months!

Treat your finances like a producer and try PocketSmith today!

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