I was watching Disney’s Alice in Wonderland cartoon this weekend with my kids. This is my favorite Disney cartoon of all time. It made me think how we currently live in Wonderland where up is down, right is left, unbirthdays, and so on.

It seems the backward world we live in, has slowly crept in over time. From the days of the Patriot Act that was used to spy on American people, a very UnPatriot Act. Or the Affordable Care Act which made health care massively unaffordable. But in the last 2 years we’ve completely fallen down the rabbit hole.

Just this week the government changed the definition of a recession. In the past it was 2 consecutive quarters of declining GDP. Here we have exactly that and they’re telling us its not a recession.

And then they came out with the hilarious Inflation Reduction Act. And I bet you can guess what it actually does in Wonderland. That’s right, increases inflation by adding $739 billion in government spending. And where do they get money for government spending? By inflating the money supply. They claim it’ll tax the rich for their “fair share,” but we all know the rich always find loopholes, so the real source of the income will be inflation… which is a hidden tax on the poor and middle class.

So let’s print a bunch more money to fight inflation! Haha! It actually makes me laugh out loud. Because if you don’t laugh at the parody our society has become, you’ll go Mad Hatter.

What can you do to get out of Wonderland and home to safety? First, subscribe to my videos, social media and email list;). Secondly, purchase gold and silver (silver recently hit an all time high ratio against gold, which is a great time to buy the metal). Buy residual income producing assets. (I’ve just put in a bid to purchase a Janet Jackson song that brings in a $330 per month royalty off streaming, download, and other services). And turn off the corporate/state run news! 🙂
I just got my businesses set back up in the US and my bank accounts set up yesterday. Next step is to get my payment systems set up so I can get my masterclass finally out there!

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