My last article discussed the core issue with the new (GFC) Global Financial Crisis 2.0. How currency is imagined into existence by central banks around the world.

I also said that this was a bailout and now we have proof on the FED’s websiteshowing they literally printed 300 billion to bail out SVB.  See that little blip up on that chart in the link above?  Remember that currency is loaned into existence by the FED to purchase government debt.  And how is the government debt paid for?  By your future productive labor that is stolen from you in the form of taxes.

So what you are literally seeing is the government bailing out their billionaire friends at SVB by borrowing $300 billion that the Federal Reserve imagined into existence as a loan to be paid back with your future labor in the form of tax dollars.  See how evil this system is?  We’re all slaves.

And when more dollars are sloshing around in the system, these dollars become worth less and therefore push prices up.  So there’s even more work you have to do in order to buy things because they inflated the dollar supply.  It’s a double whammy.

If we go back a few months to the crypto crash, most notably FDX, you have figure heads like Mr. Wonderful calling for more regulation. What the Shark Tank venture capitalist was really trying to do was deflect lawsuits headed his way for promoting FDX after receiving a payouts from Sam Bankmen Freid himself.

We clearly see that Government regulation actually makes things worse. We were told that removing Dodd Frank regulation led to the last crisis, so we need more regulation to ensure this never happens again.  All of that regulation post GFC 2008 put us right back into another, much larger GFC only 15 years later. Where were these regulators looking after these banks? Just like, where were these same regulators on the highly regulated Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme in the last crisis? The true answer is to end the Federal Reserve Bank and massively reduce government. Because in a true free market, corporations and banks actually have to treat their customers well and conduct risk management when there are no government regulators to bail them out with our tax dollars.

Last week Janet Yellen (who used to be head of the “privately” owned Federal Reserve Bank and is now Treasury Secretary of the US government) said they are only bailing out banks that carry systemic risks. So if you’re a smaller bank that lends to small businesses and farmers, you’re SOL. What that statement does is push everyone into the “too big to fail” banks to ensure their deposits are “safe” which kills off the community banks.

You can see George Bailey now from Its A Wonderful Life trying to block the customers at the door to warn them that they’re falling into the hands of Potter. Because they’re scared and Potter is picking up all the deposits 50 cents on the dollar. Their money is not in George’s vault, their money is in each others homes and businesses.

Unfortunately we don’t have a charismatic mom and pop banker like George Bailey to save these smaller banks. And you can clearly see what’s happening now just a few short days after SVB failed on March 15th. The FED’s announcement that the new FedNOW system is going live in July. This is the basis for the US version of a CBDC.…

I think there is a misunderstanding of what a CBDC is. People seem to think its a new form of money. The US CBDC is not a cryptocurrency. It is still the digital US dollar like you already have. The difference is that there is the Fed and the government track every purchase you make. Why is that a problem? Maybe you’ll go to the gas pump and it won’t allow you to fill up because you already purchased your allowed ration of gas this month. How will you get to work for the next 2 weeks while you wait for your allowed amount of gas to go live again? Or maybe you go to purchase a steak and the purchase won’t go through because you already purchased your allowed amount of meat for the month. The control on this is endless. So again, its still the same digital dollar, its now programable to do their bidding if they can eliminate cash and make crypto currencies illegal.

With the bank run pushing everyone into the too big to fail banks we’ll be rounded up into digital pens to be slaughtered. There will be no pulling your money out for safety once the dollar is cashless. Biden signed this executive order 14067 last year to allow for a CBCD to take effect legally. And they used this crisis to push it through without you noticing.

I’m not all doom and gloom. There is a way to not only protect yourself, but to THRIVE in this new world order.

I’m here to help! If you want a well rounded, actionable plan on how you can avoid being slaughtered by this current GFC 2.0 or the coming CBDC’s, reply to me and I can give you info on my masterclass that has already gotten rave reviews. One of my students from November is already taking full advantage on the Walt Disney System I laid out in this course. This is a way to bank on yourself (as Walt did to finance Disneyland) and get your dollars out of the banking system. It’s a way to grow those dollars with interest and will never crash like your 401k can. You can also use these dollars twice to fund other investments that bring in residuals. And also be used as a tax free income stream when you retire… again unlike a 401k that is taxed when you begin to withdraw during retirement years. Walt knew what he was doing!

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