Gold just hit an all time high in the US this last week! That’s nothing new if you’re in any other country with another currency because gold has been hitting all time highs in your currency for months.
As many of you know I constantly pound the table that the best insurance to protect yourself against inflation is physical Gold and Silver.

You may be surprised to hear that I actually think gold may go down against the dollar very soon. Maybe even as low as 1800 again before it skyrockets. That’s because “usually” gold takes a hit when the stock market crashes because all of the hedge funds have to sell anything that is liquid to cover their losses. Then, “usually” it takes off shortly after.

So that gives you an indicator that I think the stock market will crash soon. An economy that runs on credit is being choked off by rising interest rates (which just went up again last week) as well as a new bank failure every couple days.

Speaking of bank failures, take a look at this chart showing how the big 4 banks have been slowly gobbling up smaller banks since the mid-1990’s. I’d love to see this chart with the recent bank failures.

JP Moran Chase has been gobbling up all of these recent bank assets for penny’s on the dollar with government protection on all of the toxic assets held by these smaller banks. We had somewhere around 14,000 banks in the US in the 1980’s and now that number is around 4000.

Is this the final take over of the big 4 to own America?

When the most powerful bank in the world, The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, is owned by the big 4 banks, no wonder they’re getting these sweetheart deals!

You then have to ask yourself, are they breaking things on purpose so they can take over the country and therefore the world? We can’t know for sure, but the circumstantial evidence doesn’t look good.
With so much happening in the financial world everyday, what do you do to protect yourself?

Even though I think gold may drop one more time before going to the moon, if you don’t have any gold or silver, you should get some no matter what prediction I have. Because this is just a prediction. If it keeps going up, then you missed out. But again, gold should be treated like you’re trading currency for real money. Gold is money and not an investment. It’s insurance against the dollar that loses value every single month of every single year. I am going to add to my position if it does what normally happens during a stock market crash.

However, there is a new way you can turn Gold and Silver into residuals. As you know at Money-Act we’re all about residuals! I am in the process of creating a partnership with a company where you can buy physical metal and lease it out. This allows you to actually earn yield on gold instead of paying storage fees. More to come on that soon!

Now is more important than ever to get a financial education. The greatest time to grow your wealth is during financial crisis. I totally missed the boat on the last one because I didn’t have a financial education. Get yours before it’s too late!

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