Executive Role on Academy Award and Golden Globe Winning Films for Best Visual Effects and Animation

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LEARN How I Manage Money Like A Hollywood Producer

I make the money system work for me instead of against me using Hollywood Techniques. I make this normally boring subject fun and easy to understand through the lens of movies!

Invest Like A Hollywood Executive

My number one goal is to help as many people replace their living expenses and increase play money with residual income producing assets.  I like to take the guesswork out of retirement, which places you firmly in the director’s chair of your finances.

Acquire Assets With Other People’s Money Like A Hollywood Studio

I provide step by step instructions on how you can build wealth the Hollywood way. Not just theory, but practical steps you can take action on today!

Ryan’s masterclass course changed my life and my money mindset.  In a few months my net worth exploded and I already added an extra $1000 per month to my residual number!

Kuan Lin - Senior Look Development Artist

Ryan’s courses bring a great value to anyone interested in learning how money works, how to budget, how to find and invest money in order to achieve financial freedom… I would highly recommend following Ryan’s weekly blogs and taking his courses.

Nikola Dordic' - Technical Product Manager

There’s true wealth in knowing how you relate to money and Money-Act helped me visualize my goals and my blind spots. It also helped me to know how money really works. Clue: It is not the way the finance industry and the government insist it does for their own ‘reasons’: fees, taxes, they win even when you lose. In my industry, jobs that last more than a year are rare. I’m a  three-time immigrant, definitely part of the ‘precariat’ with no stability and little maneuver space to make future plans. The course has given me some hints as to how the wealthy get to use debt, buy assets and protect themselves against inflation and currency devaluation. I’m not there yet but I implemented some small steps to increase my residuals, like cutting down on coffee shops and opening a peer to peer account.  I’m exploring other options outlined in the moneyball system.  If nothing else, Money-act and its community has kindled a desire to learn more and dare to take some financial steps to stop postponing financial security. 

Jose DeJuan - Lighting Artist and Painter

After experiencing my second job loss in the animation and gaming industry, I’ve realized the risks of relying on a single income source. I’ve always been interested in starting a side business to diversify my income and actively grow my finances. Discovering Money Act was serendipitous. It has opened up new investment avenues for me, beyond traditional stocks and the doomed to mediocrity 401k plan. Ryan has developed a comprehensive system designed to accelerate the achievement of my financial objectives. More than just systems, he has ingeniously incorporated relatable language and imagery into the educational material based off of movies we know and love. These storytelling elements make learning about wealth and investing enjoyable and engaging. Moreover, the Money Act community has proven to be a supportive network, keen on collective learning and growth. I’m optimistic about our journey towards financial independence and feel grateful that this community has come into my life!

Cole Higgins - Lead Previz Artist

“Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.”

-from the movie Braveheart.

  • This is not your typical 401k or RRSP retirement vehicle.  We all know that is NOT reliable with a stock market crash occurring every 10-15 years!
  • This is a proven strategy that focuses on monthly residuals rather than saving for a finite amount of money.
  • This is money you can use NOW, with tax breaks NOW to help you retire early.

As William Wallace would say in a cool Scottish accent, “It’s all for nothin if you don’t have freedom.”

How Does It Work

The rule of 3’s is everywhere in Hollywood. Composing a shot using the rule of thirds, character triangles, and of course 3 act structures. Our Academy is built on a 3 act structure foundation. The overall goal is to eventually replace your expenses with residual income producing assets that are protected against inflation and economic downturns.

Act 1:

  • Use screenwriter hacks to find what character type you are when it comes to your money.  
  • You will find your residual number which is key to building your wealth the right way.  
  • You will use producer techniques to find money and grow your wealth.  
  • We’ll even help you become more productive!

Act 2:

  • This is all about drawing back the curtain to how the monetary system works.  
  • You’ll also find ways to super charge your residual number using other people’s money.  
  • As well as utilizing a technique Walt Disney himself used to fund Disneyland.

Act 3:

  • The term “residuals” is used in the acting community as a way to bring in steady income many months or years after a gig.
  • Focus on long term residuals that grow with inflation to take the guesswork out of retirement.
  • Protect you wealth with real money and tie all of the lessons together for the ultimate financial system.

I’m also on Youtube making boring, fun…

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