Music and sound is 50% of a film.  Without those things a movie is pretty boring.  Just think about how impactful a single song can be.  A single message that can hit you within 3-5 minutes.  A message that instigates thinking for generations.  For me, John Lennon’s song Imagine has instigated thinking for generations. I feel lessons learned from the past as well as technology that is available today could make this message 66% achievable.  I say 66% because I disagree with one aspect of the song to achieve a richer, freer world.

There was a 70 minute film starring John himself and Yoko his wife, but to me the song is all you need to build a new world.  Lets break the song down into 3 parts of its message.  No countries, no religion, no property.


Why do we need countries?  This is an archaic notion that was needed to protect its citizenry from another power hungry leader in another country.  If social media wasn’t censored, the people of the world could easily come together as one to rid themselves of their power hungry leaders.  There would be no reason to have taxation because we have websites like go fund me that could take on building roads, parks, etc.  The only money that would be collected for war would be for defence only.  People would fund the effort to defend their freedom, but who in their right mind would put their hard earned money toward waging war against another territory they have no beef with?  For instance, the US constitution expressly states that direct taxation was only to be collected for a time of war to defend free people.  But it grew an aggressive empire that now occupies 182 countries around the world and polices the world for its own bidding.  There are so many violations of the US constitution today that it has become a worthless document.  No politician amends the constitution anymore because they have conditioned the citizens to believe that it is a “living breathing document.”  As if it was written in a foreign language and needs to be interpreted.  But if you read it, it is written in plain English and states very clearly that the Federal Government was given few and limited powers.

A World Wide Constitution…

There is no doubt that the framers of the US created a constitution that was incredibly radical… and still is even today.  Stating that people are responsible for themselves and that the government is only there for its protection from a foreign threat.  Nowadays people want to be taken care of by the government and constantly look to it for answers to every problem of life.  I think if a similar document could be created for the world to live by, but ensure that no future generation could call it a living breathing document.

Lose the politicians…

Corporations are only evil because the government enables them.  Competition has been destroyed because lobbyists for large businesses line the pockets of political figures to make them winners and others losers.  For instance, Jeff Bezos lobbies for a $15 minimum wage because he has the funds to create drones and automate systems to kill low paying jobs.  His mom and pop competition can’t afford robots and enormous automated systems, so his competition is wiped out by the unaffordable minimum wage.  Now, not only are small businesses shut down, but its been made illegal for low skilled workers to be employed.  All because of Jeff Bezos’ lobbying to politicians.  There are too many examples of this to list, but if we rid ourselves of government, then corporations are forced to compete with their goods and services alone.  Everyone is better off!


I agree to make his vision achievable there would definitely have to be an understanding with all of humanity, the freedom of religion clause that can be found in the US constitution that allows people to worship in peace. Zero violence is tolerated!  Let’s face it, most wars in world history were fought over religious reasons.  We would need some world wide constitution that gives people freedom to worship within whatever religion they wish as long as it doesn’t condone harming anyone or anything.  So now as John Lennon states, with no countries or religion, there’s nothing to kill or die for.


This is the one I don’t agree with.  This is where the socialist ideals have come in over and over again throughout world history to create a utopian society and it ends up starving the majority of people and enriching the 1%, just like in today’s socialist US.  Private Property doesn’t create greed.  We all want nice things.  Man’s propensity to achieve and innovate wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t something in return.  It’s a nice thought to think we could have this brotherhood of man where people share everything, but the truth is we wouldn’t have the amazing technology of today if people didn’t get something in return.  There is a ridiculous book that came out recently called, In Defense of Looting (Vicky Osterweil’s book).  Saying its okay for people to loot during civil unrest to level the playing field.  But there would be nothing to loot in the world she believes in.  Who would create and producer anything if it was okay for someone else to just take it without consequence?  I remember in the 80’s, a massive amount of Russians were defecting from the Soviet Union.  They were amazed by all of the products on the shelves in the US because their shelves in the Soviet Union were bare.  In a communist country, there is no incentive to create and imagine.  So while I wish this portion of the song could be realized, I don’t think it’s realistic given natural human behavior.

In essence I think we can create a better, freer, RICHER, world if we reduce or get rid of government and therefore countries by creating a worldwide unbreakable constitution and implementing some sort of go fund me program without forced taxation; allow people the freedom of religion; and keep personal property rights.  

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

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