The biggest heist in history went unnoticed in 2008. I’m not talking about a bank robber sticking up a bank teller for all the cash in the till or the safe… I’m talking about the complete opposite, where the bankers stuck a gun in the faces of all citizens and asked them to give them all of their money.

People lost their homes, their jobs, and in some cases their families, while the banks took massive bailouts from the government (a government-funded by the people) which was aided by the biggest bank of them all, the federal reserve that printed trillions. As we see in bank heist movies like old westerns, the criminals are thrown in jail once they are caught for their crimes.

However, in 2008 the criminal bankers were given golden parachutes for gambling on the housing market and losing without consequence… in fact, losing and then were given enormous 8 figure retirement packages to their CEOs.

There’s about to be an even bigger heist coming soon. It’s already here and no one knows it. As you know, the Federal Reserve has created trillions and trillions of digital ones and zeros which everyone thinks is going straight into their pockets. The truth is, only a small fraction of that money is given to the people in the form of “stimmy checks.” The vast majority goes to pork projects for the politically connected crony businessmen.

Remember how everyone couldn’t stop talking about how Trump’s friends were getting political favors? Where are all of those people now? The proposed infrastructure bill that everyone thinks is going to rebuild America with roads, bridges, etc… the vast majority of it is going to right into liberal crony businessmen’s pockets.

So instead of a reverse old west film, it’s more like a reverse Ocean’s Eleven films. A bunch of friends in suits stealing everyone else’s money. We’re talking generational theft, by stealing the money from today’s taxpayers… and future taxpayers of multiple generations. Every child born today is saddled with $90,000 in government debt… and counting. Every man woman and child is on the hook. And the inflation they wanted is finally here. The hidden tax that no one sees, but the higher prices of everything will help keep the debt burden under control. But of course, stealing productivity from the future, impoverishes everyone while holding this monetary system together with popsicle sticks and glue.

The best way to protect yourself is to shift those fake dollars to real assets before it’s too late. Once the music stops, you won’t be able to get gold and silver when you need it. The time to act is now! Especially right now as the price this week is in a nice “buy the dip” situation. Having this backstop is a good way to help you sleep at night as those dollars in your wallet become worthless and less.

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