New HBO Series coming soon called Snow Crash adopted by a 1992 Novel by Neal Stephenson coined the term “Metaverse” about a virtual world run by corporations where end-users were treated as citizens in a dystopian corporate dictatorship.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now looking to hire 10,000 employees to create a Metaverse through Facebook.  “The ‘Metaverse’ refers to a future version of the internet where, instead of accessing the web through laptops and phones, people use virtual-reality and augmented-reality devices to enter a virtual space.”

Could this be the next big thing to invest in or the next big thing to be frightened of?  I think we’ve all seen what big corporations and big government can do when they co-mingle.  The big reset that they continue to plot out has caused our current dystopian world which may lead us right into this Facebook Metaverse.  Maybe this current situation pushes our lives in cyberspace where your mind may be free in this world while your body is trapped in your home prison?  The Metaverse probably sounds like a dream for Australians who are the most locked down in the world.

I for one would be happier if it was Apple is building a new Metaverse.  And hopefully, there are more companies jumping into this space to build competition.  Apple is, the more friendly company to privacy (even though they’ve had a few missteps with cancel culture) where Facebook and Google are the enemies of freedom and privacy.  A Facebook run Metaverse sounds like a nightmare to me.  One a digital world where you’ve only given the news the government and their crony business counterparts want you to listen to the news.  Canceling people it feels are unworthy of their world and making sure everyone is dumbed down to the message they put under their control.  To me, this sounds exactly like the novel and soon-to-be an HBO series that coined the term MetaVerse.  Hopefully, Apple and other companies will give these folks a run for their money.

On the investment side, there could be a lot of possibilities outside of Facebook so you don’t have to fund evil directly while putting some cash in your pocket.  The chip companies will continue to do well in this space.  But this is where blockchain and NFT’s will shine.  There are a lot of great possibilities, but hopefully, there are more players in this space than godforsaken Facebook.

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