As we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with “vaccinations” available to all at some point this year, we are also seeing the power grab goal behind these destructive lockdowns…. As always, giving up more of your freedoms. We’ve been in lockdown for so long, people will be more than willing to carry around vaccination passports to travel… and in some suggestions, it may be needed to visit your favorite restaurant. Are we moving into a world right out of this scene from Casablanca….

Right now China uses a social credit system where they track your Facebook accounts, email, etc, and give people social scores. The higher the score the better access to jobs, travel… a better life. Lowering your score by questioning what the state does will ruin your chances at employment, places to live, etc. The west is continuing to follow China’s lead. First with brutal lockdowns and now with papers that are your ticket to a better life.

Have we become a society of wimps? These memes show the cyclical nature of societies.

We are a wealthy society that is full of weak men who are creating hard times as we speak. The generation who fought Nazi Germany was known as the greatest generation. And rightly so. They made huge sacrifices to fight against a worldwide threat to freedom. Men leaving their families and many died in the war. Women moving into manufacturing jobs to supply the troops. Rationing of commodities to build the war machine. Extremely high taxes to pay for the war effort since the money couldn’t be printed from anything as it was still backed by gold. So much sacrifice led to the US becoming a world superpower and the wealthiest country to ever walk the face of the earth. 

That wealth was quickly squandered with social programs, war, and destruction of the currency. Fast forward to today, we’ve allowed the government to lock us in our homes for our “safety.” Just look at this article on the failed response of California vs Florida

Florida has been demonized in the media for not locking its citizens down. Yet no one ever questions the same people who convinced us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The same people who convinced us to go into a never-ending war on terror that created even more terrorists as we murdered millions of people under the false premise of weapons of mass destruction and indebted our nation because of it. The majority of people just take what the government and the media say at face value. But all you have to do is just take their numbers and do simple math. Oh wait, I forgot people don’t know how to do math anymore because government schools made math harder to understand (on purpose) with programs called common core. Anyway, let me help you with simple math….

Take the numbers in this article of 338 deaths per 100,000.


Move the decimal 2 places to the right and that’s the percentage of deaths per 100,000.

0.3% of people die from Cerveza sickness. 

And remember the majority of those deaths are people aged 70+.

We were initially told that it was 10% that led to the first lockdowns a year ago which was a massive gaffe and miscalculation from epidemiologists. To this day they say 3% of people die. But when you do the math yourself, it’s far less! Are they not carrying the decimal properly? Even if 3% was accurate… is that enough to lock down millions of healthy people which has led to 10,000 children dying of starvation every month in third world countries, or massive amounts of mental illness which has led to a skyrocketing suicide rate, or alcohol abuse, domestic violence… even animals are being strangled by billions of masks being littered in the streets and the oceans. So much fall out over 0.3% deaths. We are a bunch of wimps!

Now to further the pathetic nature of our society we will hand over more freedoms to the very people who constantly lie to us. The people who instill fear to take our rights away. Just remember how safe you’ll be at your next checkpoint… Papers Please! The good news is that these self-imposed hard times will hopefully lead to a wake-up call when the lie is exposed, just as the weapons of mass destruction lie was exposed in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion.

For more real investigative reporting, I invite you to go to Tom Woods’s website and click on the banner at the top of his page for a Free ebook on Charts CNN Forgot. It’s a real eye-opener.

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